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Monday, 8 March 2010

Students Look

To New Planners


Students at the Royal Latin School in Buckingham are to play an integral part in the design of the new student planners which will see Fresh embark on a new venture with the school. For Fresh, it is another way of being inventive and creative in design and print as this will be the third year running that they have created planners. With new schools coming on board each year Fresh said that they didnt want to take on too many at first but having created the planner for Quarrendon Secondary School before it became Aylesbury Vale Academy it has steadily grown each year and for this September they have limited it to 8 schools.

Fresh commented " This is a new way of getting our creativeness into schools, we offer them a completely bespoke planner, and all the schools which we have shown previous examples to, have completely believed in the product, for this year we have limited it to 8 schools as we dont want it to grow to big and let people down, we have a product on our hands that is wanted but cannot meet the demand which is a nice position to be in, we have a tried and tested system in  place that will give these 8 schools a planner that their students will enjoy using."

The planners themselves consists of over 200 pages  and goes to every student which is normally over a 1000 copies and is finished with it being coil bound which makes them virtually indestructable. Pictured in the link above is student council meeting with Andy Gerlack of Fresh.
If you would like to find out how Fresh can help your company then visit them at www.freshdps.co.uk or email them at hello@freshdps.co.uk  or call them on 01296 489998 or 01442 345088

Friday, 26 February 2010

30% increase in sales

in Fresh Hemel Hempstead

Our branch in Fresh Hemel Hempstead increased their sales from January by 30% with new customers coming each week and getting their very own Fresh experience. Considering we are supposed to be in a recession, clients have seized upon the opportunity to drive their marketing home with Fresh helping to provide the right solutions. Since Fresh set up in January the clients have been keen to see why Fresh are so different and its certainly working.

Andy Gerlack of Fresh stated  "I am pleased with what we have done so far, the team have worked hard and deserve to be praised as we are a tight knit company and all have a determined attitude to succeed which is to the benefit of our clients."

Ian Swannel from Fresh added " Its great to see, people are now recognising our vans in Hemel and commenting on them, its fantanstic to see especially in a recession."

With other printing companys still closing their doors, Fresh keep ploughing on regardless.
Kevin Brook said. " Our strength is our flexibility to not only do print, but to copy, to design, to fulfil and ultimately deliver what we promise, which is why our clients stick with us."

If you want to find out what the Fresh experience is like then call us on: 01442 345088 or in our aylesbury branch: 01296 489998 or email us at hello@freshdps.co.uk   www.freshdps.co.uk

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Doing Business Through Social Networking  

With the popularity of websites like TwitterFacebook, Myspace, Bibo , LinkedIn  and so on, the usage of social networking websites has sky rocketed in years. It is well known that social networking is the place where people can make new friends, share interests and ideas and do much more. The above said activities are common about the social networking websites while these websites are used for business promotion also. With directorys such as Twellow it is now easy to find and follow local businesses in your area and get to the key decision makers quickly cutting out the hierachy.

Business promotion was the basic idea based on which the social networking websites were launched. Anyone can utilize these social networking websites to their advantage if they own a business. However, traditionally, these social networking websites are development of friendships and online relationships.
The varied use of the social networking websites like Myspace for business promotion makes users stay longer in the websites, establishing groups and communities. These social networking websites provides opportunities for the users to make partnerships in business with the new friends.           

Increasing the presence in the Internet is the key to success for any business. Anyone in business should build a big presence if they want to be found in the market. As social networking websites have much higher traffic than any other websites, all have a better chance of getting noticed if you get out there in those networking websites. It is impossible to find a better place other than these social networking websites to market your business among thousands of people.

Anyone who is into Internet marketing will be aware of the word ‘Backlink’. Yes, the technique of backlinks that is used to drive traffic to your website. These social networking websites are capable of providing effective backlinks to your websites. All you have to do is to create a profile that well describes your website and also include links to your website. Remember that the social networking websites are those which have huge number of visitors and the method of backlinks, if used properly can make traffic flow to your website.

If you ask any businessman, what is the key to a successful business? Most of them will have the answer that, “getting the customers trust us and believe in our products is the key to a successful business”. These social networking websites provide vital opportunities to create trust and loyalty among people. As these social networks involve long term relationships, it will enhance ones trust towards the other.     

Any businessman cannot find a better place other than these social networks to promote his business. So if you are a businessman, get out there in any of the social networking websites and make the sale and start talking.

With marketing techniques evolving gone are the days when a simple leaflet drop would suffice, this will only have a small percentage of success but what it will do is build your image into a brand and make people aware of your existence so dont be disheartened by the success of a leaflet drop as this should be part of a long term campaign to build your name and brand.

Old school techniques are still as relevant today as yesterday and should not be discounted, referals are still the best way and always will be so the best way of getting these is by socialising, so embrace the new techniques, dont forget the old as their is an opportunity for us all to win business this way and stay in close contact with our clients as well.

Over the last few months we have seen more enquiries than ever asking us about e-shot campaigns, building brands and marketing strategys so businesses are starting to realise  a long sustained campaign  is the best way to keep their company growing profitably.

If you want to find out how Fresh can help you market your business effectively then call us on Aylesbury Office: 01296 489998 or Hemel Hempstead Office: 01442 345088
or email: hello@freshdps.co.uk   http://www.freshdps.co.uk/

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Our New Website

Well its taken a while but it has been a busy  first year, but we know we shouldnt neglect our website, its not quite finished yet as there are some little gems still to be added but we thought it was good enough to upload for you all to enjoy. Keep clicking back on it as there will be more happening on it soon. Any comments on it are all welcome, if there are any gliches or anything just use the contact us page and email us.


Thank you for looking. f

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Stop the Press

BIGGEST PITCH YET!!!                   

Fresh pitched against 2 other design and print companys for the contract of designing and printing 230,000 copies of a 24 page booklet for distribution to most of the county of Bucks in February.

It came down to a design pitch challenge where the respected qualifiers had to come up with their own interpretation of the NHS book and one of their brand models that would represent itself inside it.

For Fresh it was a chance to show their creativity and their own unique style, and it clearly impressed. 

We will keep you posted on the finished outcome and show you what the Nhs liked as well, so if you want to be part of the Fresh story then email us on hello@freshdps.co.uk or call us on 01296 489998 or 01442 345088 and you will experience 'Design & Print The Way It Should Be'

Monday, 18 January 2010


With the worst of the snow over, I think we are all glad to get back to normality. For companies trying to win business in a recession the snow was another headache to get over. Every customer we talked to was affected and felt that it was a hindrance we could have all done without.

With the green shoots of the economy starting to peer through lets all hope that the coming year is a prosperous one for us all.  So good luck everybody and Happy New Year.

As for Fresh this coming year, you can expect to see our latest offers on our blog, as well as tax tips on helping your business from Graeme Catten our resident accountant and the first of our quarterly newsletters that will be online and in your mail as well.

We have exciting news coming from our Hemel branch already and some fantastic pitches that we have been winning lately that you will enjoy reading. We will also be interviewing some leading prominent business people that work in Aylesbury who will be giving the benefit of their knowledge to us all.

You will also see the launch of our new website next week, heres a sneak preview.

We welcome all feedback from our clients or if you have a view to express about your business in around in the Aylesbury and Hemel Hempstead areas then email us at hello@freshdps.co.uk

The photo of the Clocktower was taken by local historian Karl Vaughan, author of Aylesbury Remembered, where you can see some fanstastic pictures of past and present. Click on the link http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=13002872097 or better still, buy the book as a gift for someone, it is available from www.amazon.co.uk

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


We would like to officially tell everyone that we have expanded and opened up a satellite office in Hemel Hempstead to compliment our existing services in the Aylesbury area. It will be based in Breakspear Park just off the M1 junction as you come into the town centre. We will be offering the same quality of service for getting your business noticed as our Aylesbury branch.

We would like to welcome you all to our new venture and will keep you updated of news and offers as well as all the latest case studies of local companys.

Just in case you need the details they are:

Suite F, Breakspear Park, Breakspear Way, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP2 4TZ

Tel: 01442 345088 email: hello@freshdps.co.uk