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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Mac Operator Wanted

A new position has opened up in our design studio for a mac operator. The ideal candidate will have experience in indesign CS5, quark, illustrator and photoshop. A knowledge of pre-press & print is preferable but not essential. A passion for creative design & print is a must have though.

This is a very busy studio and the applicant must be able to work under pressure and have a can do attitude. The applicant must have good social networking skills, be forward thinking and willing to learn new skills, in return we can offer a fun, lively, rewarding atmosphere and the chance to work with the Fresh team.

Please email your cvs to andy@freshdps.co.uk

or call us on 01296 489998


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Introducing Holly Bowyer

We thought it was about time to introduce you to our newest member of staff although she has nearly been with us a year now.

Holly joined us in Febuary of last year as our External Business Development Manager for the Hemel Hempstead area. She comes from a very experienced background in the industry and has been account manager for several agencies.

Her knowledge and enthusiasm as well as her passion for the creative approach fits perfectly with our brand and the Hemel office are already seeing the benefits of her work.

Im sure you would all like to wish Holly good luck in her role and if you want to get in touch with her then email her at holly@freshdps.co.uk or call her on 01442 345088

If you want to find out Fresh can help your business then call us on any of the above numbers or email us at hello@freshdps.co.uk or visit us at www.freshdps.co.uk


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Fresh Help with
Click & Collect Launch                                   

Cartridge World asked Fresh to be their design &  print provider for the click and collect postcards that launched their new service last month.

Fresh provided not only the design but print for Aylesbury, Sittingbourne, Portslade and Derby. All in all over 100,000 postcards were printed for it.

Andy Gerlack stated ' Its been great working with a well known brand thats trusted us to do the design of one of their campaigns, I hope they get great success off of it as they deserve it as they are good people and they work hard for it as well. I will always recommend them to anyone.'


If you want find to find how Fresh can help your business then call us on any of the numbers above or email us at hello@freshdps.co.uk or visit us at www.freshdps.co.uk


Wednesday, 12 December 2012


We couldnt let this day go past and not mark the occasion where it will be the last time we see the with sequential numbers so what have you all been up to today?

Here at Fresh it has been cold, frosty with freezing fog and started at -5, we have been busy doing calendars, xmas cards, the presses have been running jobs for Seiko, NHS, Ultralife, Lohmann and Adeyfield School today, our main press operator has had a day off, but other than that we have had a full compliment of staff of Ian, Kevin, Kevin B, Angela, Anita, Gary, Andy, Mark and Holly.

The shop has been busy doing programmes, posters and various other copying and finishing.

As for appointments we have had one at a new National Trust account, a secondary school, a football club and the NHS so it has been a frutiful day.

We are also busy going through our marketing plan for the coming year and assessing the last financial year.

Outside of Fresh, the main news is still the economy and that we are now entering our 5th year of recession and that the UK has very little growth and is still struggling to reduce its deficit. The Euro is still struggling with many countries needing to be bailed out from their increasing financial difficulties. In other news North Korea illegally fired a rocket into space, airports are facing disruption due to the freezing fog, the Spice Girls launched their new West End musical ' Viva Forever' and in sport Arsenal were beaten by Bradford in the League Cup on penalties.

So lets hope this gets stored away somewhere and it will be a little insight to our day on 12.12.12


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

High hopes for Fresh                                                                   

Fresh have successfully secured the prospectus and student planners of Aylesbury Grammar School for the next 3 years, it comes off the back of more success with Schools that have have already signed up for next year.

After initially doing some banners for the school we sought to see if we could help in producing with their other marketing items. After seeing what we had produced for others and how good our pricing structure was, Aylesbury Grammar wanted to use someone locally.

Andy Gerlack said,' Im grateful to all at Aylesbury Grammar that decided to go with us, we have been looking to do more work locally with schools and this is another feather in our cap, Holly our business development manager has been working hard on the schools campaign which has proved very successful and this is the first of many you'll be hearing about.'

If you want to find out how Fresh can help your business, then call us on any of the numbers above or email us at hello@freshdps.co.uk or visit us at www.freshdps.co.uk


Friday, 23 November 2012

Neil Symington - Personal Trainer

This weeks follow friday goes out to a good friend of mine called Neil Symington whose business is going from strength to strength

He is an independent personal trainer who is based in Aylesbury Bucks. Neil prides himself in offering high quality professional personal training in his own private training studio.
His experience speaks for itself:

Full time personal trainer since 2005
Over 7,000 hours of individual training sessions
Level 4 (the highest level) on the Register of Exercise Professionals, the regulatory body of the health and fitness industry
Specialist area of expertise; weight loss and management

His studio in Aylesbury has been designed to be the perfect environment for exclusive ‘one to one’ training. It is equipped with commercial strength training machines, commercial aerobic training machines, free weights and a wide variety of other training equipment. He is also able to train you at your home or your workplace.

If you would like to know more about Neils personal training service then contact him on

Neil Symington Personal Training
23 Space Business Centre,
Smeaton Close,
HP19 8FJ

or call him on:
Tel: 01296 581599
Mob: 07764 613316


or visit his facebook page on http://www.facebook.com/pages/Neil-Symington-Personal-Training/281246565229380

or follow him at:https://twitter.com/neilsymington

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Five Strategies for a Winning Sales Presentation

How to put your best pitch forward, win over prospects and make more sales.

2. Put in more prep time. No matter how good you are at thinking on your feet, don't wing the presentation. You'll risk jumping all over the place without a logical flow, Take the time to prepare and to practice from an outline, making sure your presentation covers all your points clearly and concisely. Always review a prospects website to learn about what it sells, how it makes money and how you he might be able to fix its problems. also checks for any mutual connections on LinkedIn. Give them a call or an email asking more about the prospect's personality.

3. Liven it up. Many professionals don't realize just how boring their presentations are-too many facts, a flat monotone, tired stories. Sometimes professionals have been giving the same presentation for so long they just slip into autopilot, In today's competitive market, your presentations must be entertaining in order to obtain and maintain the attention of prospects.
Be creative and put some energy behind your presentation. The tone you use and your vocal variation allow you to project your own personality and to create a positive response whether you are speaking to one person or a large group of people.

4. Don't use visual aids as a crutch. If brochures, handouts or slides could sell a product or service on their own, companies would not need salespeople. Depending too much on visual aids can give us a false sense of security, we tend to think it isn't necessary to prepare thoroughly because our props will lead us right through the presentation. We let the visual aid become the star and virtually run the show.

Strategically place visual aids in your presentation to highlight major points, but remember that your style and personality will have much more impact. Most important, ask yourself whether a visual aid is for you or for them? If it's for you to get you through your presentation, scrap it. If it's for them so they can visually understand your presentation, keep it.

5. Be ready to take the next step. Not every presentation is going to end with a sale, so it's up to you to establish the next step in the process.One of his biggest mistakes concluding meetings is a "we hope to talk again soon" mentality.

You need to determine the next steps right then and there–before life gets in the way.Be ready to schedule a subsequent meeting or follow-up phone call, which will show you're serious about working together. You may not have the sale yet but you at least have something set up so things can continue to move forward.

If you want to find out how Fresh can help your business then call us on the numbers above or email us at hello@freshdps.co.uk or visit us at www.freshdps.co.uk