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Monday, 8 March 2010

Students Look

To New Planners


Students at the Royal Latin School in Buckingham are to play an integral part in the design of the new student planners which will see Fresh embark on a new venture with the school. For Fresh, it is another way of being inventive and creative in design and print as this will be the third year running that they have created planners. With new schools coming on board each year Fresh said that they didnt want to take on too many at first but having created the planner for Quarrendon Secondary School before it became Aylesbury Vale Academy it has steadily grown each year and for this September they have limited it to 8 schools.

Fresh commented " This is a new way of getting our creativeness into schools, we offer them a completely bespoke planner, and all the schools which we have shown previous examples to, have completely believed in the product, for this year we have limited it to 8 schools as we dont want it to grow to big and let people down, we have a product on our hands that is wanted but cannot meet the demand which is a nice position to be in, we have a tried and tested system in  place that will give these 8 schools a planner that their students will enjoy using."

The planners themselves consists of over 200 pages  and goes to every student which is normally over a 1000 copies and is finished with it being coil bound which makes them virtually indestructable. Pictured in the link above is student council meeting with Andy Gerlack of Fresh.
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