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Friday, 23 March 2012



Just found out  we won Best Blog Design 2011 at the Blogger Choice Awards, so would just like to thank everyone who voted for us and to everyone who enjoys reading our posts.

We try and keep it informative and relevant to you all but if you have any suggestions for articles then email us at hello@freshdps.co.uk

Thank you all once again

What the F!!!?

We recently had to produce some copying for a client and couldnt help notice that it was a presentation to a very large corporate client, and the title was somewhat explicit but abbreviated to WTF which we were all flabbergasted by.

We then read the pitching document and was even more astonished that it carried on the inside as well. Call us old fashioned but how on earth do they think they are going to impress people with this sort of rhetoric. Yes, we are all for designers being creative and pushing barriers but this just seemed irresponsible to even let it get this far to be in front of their prospective client.

I havent heard if they won their pitch but perhaps they were going for 'The pitch that would be remembered the most vote'. Im sure they got that award but hopefully not the business otherwise we are going to have to rethink our pitching techniques.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012


We are not renowned for being a carton or a box printer, but over the last few months we have been producing the boxes for a company called Ultralife whose products can be found in all the major supermarkets.

We thought we would showcase what we have been doing as its not often that something unusual comes along and we can tell you how we produce it.

For all the boxes you can see in the pictures there is a lot of processes involved to get it to the client.

From the moment the artwork arrives it gets flightchecked to make sure all the fonts and pictures are as they should be, the customer will then receive a digital press proof to ensure they are happy with how the print will look.

Once approved, the plates are made for the press and  on the press  they all get checked to see that the printed carton matches the press proof the customer has already seen.

Once off the press and  we have allowed the ink to dry for 24 hours the cartons are then what we call die-cut with a specific machine. This is where a tool is made to the exact specifications of the carton and how it is to be cut out and is checked that it correctly goes together and the image of the box is still as the customer has seen.

After it is cut out, it then goes to a silver foil blocker who then adds his magic touch to enhance the look of the box where another specific machine sticks and cuts the foil to the box and is checked again to make sure it meets the customers requirements.

After this process the cartons are then put on a glueing line where the tabs are glued and the box ready to be made up into what it is designed for.

The last part of its journey is for one more final quality check before its gets lovingly put into its own box ready to be delivered to the client.

Who would have thought a simple box would have so much attention to detail and work gone into it, so next time your picking up something from the supermarket shelves have a little thought of what went into it to look the way it does.

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