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Friday, 8 July 2011

The changing face of print

- across all communications.

There was a time when a printing company was a - lets face it a printing company, but over the last few years print has evolved so much, that sometimes it is unrecognisable.

A printing company has now evolved into a communications media portal, very Star Wars!!

It has become an integral part of a business' primary outlet to the outside world.

When we talk with clients now we talk about the whole marketing strategy, from their brand awareness, to email marketing, to their own website, to their social networking, to their on-hold message, to text message communication, SEO, QR Codes, Radio advertsing, Signage and then finally getting round to hard printed matter.

What the new digital era has given us is an insight on how and what we will be using to get our business recognised instead of relying on print on paper.

The future for us as printers has never been more exciting and we for one as a company embrace the new technology and look forward to how it will all develop, we have seen in the past new technology coming into print ie the fax machine, internet but with the digital presses giving us the speed and quality there is no need to have huge quantitys of printed material anymore and the steep curve of smartphone technology it has opened up whole new avenues of business.

So if you were just about to start out on a business venture what would be on your shopping list to make your business launch a success, so for businesses we have come up with our future starter package which we would like your feedback on how much you would be willing to pay for this sort of package and if you feel there should be other items on the list.

Website x 3 pages
1 months radio advertising
1 x e-marketing campaign
3 social network sites
business cards x 250 x 1 name

email us at hello@freshdps.co.uk


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Fresh quack to victory
in the 1st Mix 96 Duck Race NOT  

Well we would like to have used this headline but unfortunately our duck ran out of quacks at the first ever Duck Race held at the bridge by the Honeybee Pub on Fairford Leys.

It was a closely fought contest and there was definately some tactics being used by some of the other ducks as they paddled towards the chequered flag. Our duck named Fresh put in a brave performance but was sadly quackered towards the end and came in 2nd place.

Aftwerwards Fresh Duck commented, ' Quack, Quacked, Quack Quack Quakered '

Kevin Brook manager of Fresh Duck said ' We started off well but the water got the better of us, we had some obstacles to overcome and Fresh Duck was carrying and injury as well, we will train hard through the winter and come back stronger for next year.'