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Friday, 23 July 2010

Match made in Digital Mono Heaven             

For the 2nd year running Fresh has won the tender to produce the pricing schedules to the building trade for NSR Management. The job entails us to produce 1/2 million black and white digital copies which are then collated and perfect bound to meet a deadline for circulation by the 1st August.

The job itself throws up an interesting perspective as most of the paper is preprinted with a copy void diagram on it which when if recopied shows an illegal copy made all across the paper.

Kevin from Fresh said ' We have a very High-spec digital mono machine that has the capability of producing High-speed, quality mono prints, combined with years of experience it was a match made in digital heaven for us to produce this job as the machine just gobbles it up, if there was ever a job for this machine this is it.'
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