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Monday, 26 March 2012

Cheap Printing - really?!!

Theres an old saying you get what you pay for and when it comes to printing this is usually the case. On the radio lately there are 2 separate global printers, one which is online and the other has a number of outlets throughout the world that can produce business cards for less than £3.00 same day and the other one does it for free.

So with interest I thought I would check out to see what you actually got for your money, The first one I went into was the  outlet and  I enquired about the business cards. I got a lot of erms and arghs from the assistant who didnt know to much about the offer, so I explained that I had heard on the radio that you were doing same day business cards for less than £3.00 and it said to come on in - so here I am.

I got passed over to somebody else who then informed that I had to go online and look at the catalogue of logos I could use and then type my information where relevant and then send to print which emailed them to print it. So I did, I went home and after an hour fiddling with my new design I emailed it to them.

I then returned to the outlet in anticpation 2 hours later that it would be there waiting for me. The assistant then informed me that their server was a bit slow and they hadnt received the email yet  so I was told to give it 5 minutes, 20 minutes later and still nothing. 30 minutes, 40 minutes, he then checked his junk mail and found it in there - great.

He then proceeded to make my card fit several times on a sheet which took an eternity to get right and then printed them on a colour copier which when they came out felt like they had been printed on toilet paper they were that thin, so I put this question to him and said what weight is this on as its a bit flimsy and he barked back 'its a business card board that everyone has - its a 200gsm', I kept my knowledge to myself at this point as I was nearly laughing at him and wanted to scream at him as well and just replied OK.

He then went off to cut them out and when they came back they were about as straight as a banana.

I went to pay for my £3.00 business cards thinking - is this really the future, because if it is I want out, there was No service, No Knowledge, No Quality, and definately NO satisfaction.

So if you really want cheap printing, thats has no quality about it and will represent you or your business then email me and i'll give you their phone number gladly.