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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Fresh Election Special

The Better Choice                               

With the forthcoming election coming up Fresh have been involved in one of the major battlegrounds for the election. In the Buckingham constituency there is a titanic battle gathering with an interesting point of view for the voting public. As Mr Bercow is the speaker of the House of Commons and holds the Buckingham constituency, it is parliamentry tradition that none of the major parties may contest his seat which as you can imagine makes it interesting for the electorate with so many independents coming forward. With this and the added boundary changes for the constituency it is becoming one of the key battles that could effect the outcome of  who leads the country.

Over the last few months Fresh have been helping local independent candidate Patrick Phillips in his attempt to win over the voting public. With the campaign hotting up Fresh have been printing leaflets, posters, and will be embarking on another large mailshot of over 48,000 brochures that will be delivered throughout the Buckingham constituency.

Patrick who is standing as an Independent with conservative views commented "The situation at Buckingham is most unusual. Because the Speaker is, by parliamentary convention, not normally challenged by the main political parties the possibility existed last summer that unless an Independent were to stand against the Speaker in the forthcoming election the 70,000 odd voters of Buckingham would not have an opportunity to vote. I, therefore, decided last June to contest the seat and ensure this would not happen. As things have turned out a number of other candidates have now joined the contest as well and I decided I need to have a first rate team to work with in producing all my promotional election literature. I chose Fresh and I couldn't have made a better choice. From the start they have understood exactly what I needed and everything has been produced to the highest standard and on time. They have also been prepared to take on the logistics of working with the Royal Mail so I haven't had to worry about such things and could get on with campaigning. But not only are they efficient, they are nice people to work with."

Andy Gerlack stated. " Its been an interesting couple of months with Patrick and it has been an absolute pleasure working with Patrick and supporting him, the election throws up interesting stories like this and its great that we are involved at the forefront and look forward to seeing how much we have helped Patrick and we wish him good luck in the next few weeks.

If you would like to find out more about Patrick Phillips then visit:  http://www.phillips4buckingham.co.uk/

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