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Friday, 3 August 2012

As a longstanding supporter of ours, todays Follow Friday is a beautiful Italian Fine Dining Restaurant called Piatto Bianco.

Piatto Bianco is set in the heart of Verney Junction just outside of Winslow and the restaurant is a gourmets delight which will get your tastebuds tantalising with excitement.

The setting for the restaurant is intimate yet informal and is a pleasure to dine there.

After opening a year ago the restaurant is now a firm favourite with the area, so if your looking for an Italian experience different from the usual chain of Italian eateries then visit the independant restaurant of Piatto Bianco and your in for a treat.

The details for Piatto Bianco are:

Piatto Bianco
Verney Junction
MK18 2JZ

Tel: 01296 715209


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