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Monday, 10 January 2011

Not B2B but P2P                                      

I went to a breakfast meeting a couple of weeks ago and got talking to some regular clients of mine who were there and they were talking about how their business is now more focused on B2B ( business to business) rather than relying on the public. I argued the point that all sales focus for new clients or business' should be more P2P  ( people to people).

We all know the old saying that people buy from people and this is completely true. Sales & Marketing is about knowing your audience and interacting with them. Knowing what people want to know and encouraging them to interact with your brand is essential to building loyalty and should never be overlooked. As pro-active as we are we accept that our clients will always know more about their product, but it is our job to know the people and build the relationship and loyalty.

Somewhere along the way a lot of us have undervalued good old fashioned values of service and I find this remarkable as the best way to sell your product or service in the best light is the to sell yourself in its best light and then half the battle is won.

So I told my client that not to use these buzzwords but be more personal, be interested and also interesting and then you wont go far wrong.

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