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Monday, 22 November 2010

Its Nice That                   

Heres a little rant from our designers, so be patient with us, we all know that creative people can have a tendency to be..... well lets say creative in their thoughts and processes.

So I was with a couple of my old college designer friends last week and we were discussing the word 'nice' and how it crops up into any conversation about design. I never knew that as a creative bunch, designers could be so touchy about a word but when asked about it they said that it should be removed from the dictionary or disected and tortured until it was screaming for mercy until it wasnt 'nice'.

Why is a word hated so much by designers? the answer is that it means nothing when a client describes work, all designers need feedback good or bad for some direction but 'nice' is a sit on the fence answer and is guaranteed to enrage. They felt it was a lazy way of describing and a get out used for the english language.

This is also the case in different circumstances, like if you are having a meal cooked for you and you say that it is 'nice' then how does that make the cook feel, neither here nor there I suspect or if you are trying on a new outfit and your partner says 'its nice' then does this really help?

So try it next time and see, perhaps we are living in too much of a PC world where people are too scared to criticise, so next time you hear yourself saying the word, take a minute and think what you would like to really say and lets hope its not 'nice.'

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