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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Fresh The Fine Art Catalogue Specialists

There are not many printers that can handle a job like the one we do for Tring Market Auctions, which is why they have entrusted us to produce their Fine Art Catalogue for the last 6 years.

The job itself isn't that complicated but due to the nature of the auctions we do not get the final lots until 2 days before they have to be sold and it usually consists of over 500 lots. We then get the text and pictures and design it into a catalogue and get it proofed within a day and then we have 1 day to print and finish and deliver it back.

We can do this because all of the processes are produced all in house, from the design of it all, then the digital print and finally the finishing of it to fold, collate and staple it into a catalogue all to a strict tight deadline.

Andy from Fresh said, ' We are used to working under enormous pressure and tight deadlines, this one is probably one of the most extreme ones but because we have been doing it for so long we know what to expect and cope with it very well.'

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