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Monday, 10 September 2012

Holidays are a coming....
Holidays are a coming...                                        

Yes it will be coming around sooner than you think and we are in full swing of designing and printing Christmas Menu brochures, one such example is what we did for Pendley Manor recently.

With Christmas being such an important time for business you have to start early to make sure you get through the December month since there is such a limited time because of the closedown.

This is why all hotels and restaurants pretty much start their Christmas campaign back in January because they know how demanding the market is.

Kevin Brook from Fresh stated, ' We've been doing Christmas brochures ever since the last one finished, its a big market but businesses come to us as we know what we are doing and we know how important it is for them as well to get it looking right.

Take Pendley Manor for example, the brief for them was to get the look right for it to attract a good selection of business users, not only did they want it to attract big businesses but it has to appeal to the small medium enterprises as well and what we produced this year I think we have achieved this.'

So next time your thumbing through a Menu or a Brochure take another look to see if what you are reading does appeal to you and if it influences your decision.

If you want to find out more about Pendley Manor then call them on 01442 891891

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