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Friday, 23 April 2010

Not just design and print - but pack and store too?

delivering the promise

In an age when printing companies have to be flexible in what they do, we at Fresh have, for over a year, been providing a solution for Bucks Primary Care Trust.

About 18 months ago we were printing some leaflets for the NHS when they encountered a problem, they had run out of storage space and had nobody to pack their male and female Chlymidia testing kits in Bucks. So not averse to finding a solution we went back to Bucks PCT and said we have the perfect solution – us. We were already doing fulfilment for other local businesses and this in fact was just as easy and simple but they required us to manage it for them as well.

So we came up with a process, just for the NHS, in maintaining stock levels and in taking care of the packing requirements and distribution, with an annual target of of 22,000 tests kits. It was quite a challenge, but Fresh not only succeeded with the initial order but the NHS were so impressed that they asked Fresh to continue as it had freed up so much of their time and made their department much more efficient.

Anne Downes who is the Clinical Lead of the Department said, 'The team at Fresh have amazed me; we had a problem that we couldn’t solve and along came Andy and his team and said “no problem, let us handle it” and we have never looked back. They have made it easy. I just call them now when I need some kits and they will despatch them for me. The fact that they were able to store as well, has been a great benefit to us, they are a great team,'

Andy Gerlack from Fresh stated ' Our strength is the experience of our team in finding the right solutions to help our clients, in our field we have to be flexible, we do everything else in house from print, copy, design and fulfil so why not store as well. Its just a natural progression. I’ve always said that we are different from other printers and designers and that’s why our strap line ' Design & Print The Way It Should Be ' always stands us in good stead because we always deliver what we promise.

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