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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful

If your a glass half full person rather than half empty then you are probably one of lifes achievers.

In a recent study taken across 500 leaders of business in the UK, 97% optimistically predicted a better year next year and that growth and investment would return.

The latest figures are showing that unemployment is falling, banks are lending again, exports are up and foreign investment is up as well as mortgage applications up, interest rates low and we are officially out of a recession again. So there is much to cheer about.

From an employers point of view on ground level, there are green shoots, all be it slow that things are getting better, for instance our sales are up on last year, there is more activity in the sectors that used to be very aggressive in their marketing. We are also seeing more enquiries than ever and when we are speaking to clients they are now starting to invest again not just in equipment but in personnel as well.

For us, we have treated these last years as a challenge, we have been able to talk to people who wouldnt speak to us before and have found that we are stronger than we thought and that goes back to being optimistic.

What I can say, is that I know we are over the worst and we have all got used to living within a budget now and not to be extravagant but sometimes you have to take that chance otherwise how can we measure ourselves on what we could achieve.

So when your in work today, try to smile as its infectious, good things happen when you do and even if they dont you'll face will have had a good workout.


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