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Thursday, 28 February 2013

SJD Accountancy - Brand Consistency

One of our newest clients recently is SJD Accountancy, we have been producing many things for them recently from letterheads to businesss cards but one job that sticks out is the Contractors guide as it is piece of communication that looks great, feels great and is perfect to send out.

The guide itself is a 72 page book ,throughout all four colour and perfect bound as well, what we did though for this client was to go through a rigourous process of their brand colours and stocks to achieve maximum consitency of Sthe SJD brand throughout wherever it was seen

Andy Gerlack said, ' We started the processs with SJD early in 2012 and we went through different ways of how their brand would look from using spot colours to 4 colour process, the differences were massive and they appreciated the work we had put in to achieve the right brand consistency throughout their marketing collaterel, we were in this for the long term with them and we wanted to get it right from the outset, now we have everything covered and SJD are happy that their brand is unified and consistent.'

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