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Monday, 20 March 2017

New Plan Copier at Fresh!

There are a lot of exciting things happening this year at the Fresh office and one of the first changes we are making is a new plan copier. This new addition can print to A0, scan to file and enlarge/reduce hard copies. We are also introducing a new loyalty scheme to run alongside the new services that are now available.

Do I have to come in-store to collect my plans?
No! We would love to see you but we understand you can't always make it in, so we have a next day delivery service.

Do I need to come in-store to order plans?
No, as already said, we would rather see you but you can email over the plans you require and collect them or have them delivered

Do I need to pay for delivery?
If your order is £10 or more, your next day delivery is free. If your order is less than £10, then a £5 delivery charge applies. Please call or email for more information on courier delivery charges.

How long will it take to print my plans?
We can print your plans while you wait! It's a quick and simple process to print plan copies and we can easily have them ready the same day you come in.

So can you scan and resize hard copies?
Yes! If you have hard copies of plans that you want digitally, we can scan them to the format you prefer (jpeg, pdf etc.) and email them to you. If you have an A3 plan for example, that you want A1, we can do that too!

If we haven't answered any questions you may have, please call us on 01296 489998 or find us on Twitter and Facebook:

Fresh have recently won an award for being Aylesbury Best Design
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